Sentinel by the Decade

The Question Mark Sentinel

Out of Darkness Comes the Light

Final Edition

Selections from the 1980s

Question Mark Galleria Project Falls Through, Land Sold for Waste Expansion

Funding collapse leads to the sale of the planned Galleria site to the Municipal Waste district for garbage dump expansion.

September 22, 1989

Anticipation Builds for Question Mark Galleria on East Avenue

July 20, 1989

Rippcord Rocks Winter Carnival, Guitarist's Strange Tale Follows

January 21, 1989

Willey Day 1988: A Chronicle of Celebration and Mystery

February 29, 1988

Mysterious Sighting at Question Park

Visitors report a startling encounter with the 'Golden Man' in the Hall of Dazzling Glass.

June 15, 1987

Magic Show Mishap: Fire Engulfs QM Community Center

A magic show by teenagers Tim and Dave Holland leads to a tragic fire at the Question Mark Community Center.

January 6, 1987

The Green Fog Concludes Its Legendary Run

WCLA announces the end of 'The Green Fog,' a beloved action series produced in Cleveland, leaving fans like young Ronny Dublowski heartbroken

December 7, 1985

Question Mark Police Officer Killed in Line of Duty

September 20, 1985

Ronny Dublowski Speeds to Victory in Pine Box Derby with Fogmobile II

November 14, 1984

Green Fog Episode Shocks Viewers with Graphic Content

The Green Fog faces backlash for the disturbing portrayal of torture in its latest episode, deeply affecting young fans

October 31, 1984

Lost Lake Drive-In Reopens, Leaving Troubled Past Behind

After closing due to tragic events and a brief pivot to adult films, Lost Lake Drive-In reopens for 1983 summer season with blockbuster lineup

May 28, 1983

Buck Walters' Goofy Goggles Steal the Show on Johnny Carson

Buck Walters, the ingenious creator of Buck's Goofy Goggles from Question Mark, Ohio, hit the big time as his invention featured in a hilarious skit on the "Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson" this week.

August 23, 1982

From Hero to Heist

February 19, 1982

Birds Missing

Residents report a bizarre event where a large flock of martins vanished in a flurry of feathers.

August 5, 1981

Soldier's Remains Found in Question Mark

August 5, 1981

A New Chapter for the Sentinel and for Question Mark

Samuel Lindholm Jr. announces his father's retirement and his new role as editor and publisher, reflecting on the past and looking to the future.

April 15, 1981

Anson Ames Elected

Anson Ames becomes the new mayor of Question Mark, continuing the legacy of the prominent Ames family.

March 4, 1980

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